Nacho Huizar . BIO

Ignacio Zárate Huizar · Graphic designer and illustrator, this is what I am now, but some time ago I had a vague idea about what I wanted for my future. I studied fine arts at the Tamayo Workshop, I wanted to be an artist and in that moment just wanting, wasn´t enough. My father wanted me to be an engineer (and I failed), just one year after I started to study Engineering, I dropped out. And so I started to study graphic design;
I never did regret that, a year later I studied the career of pedagogic illustration, learning by forms and colors.
Today I am so glad I made that decision.

INSP. Oaxaca is a land of traditions, gastronomy and colors, it is where part of my inspiration resides, it’s a part of my town that I bring in each project, I search for something unique and original in every piece I design.

Nowadays, I have a personal studio specialized in design (packaging, illustration and editorial), development and consulting of brands and I work with Bigdrop INC. a web design and branding studio at New York City, the best agency and the best team.


Do yo have an idea? is enough, let´s work in that.


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